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The Team at Ironplan Financial believe people eligible for Age Pension should be able to apply for Age Pension with minimal stress. That is why so many customers have engaged our experienced team to assist them with the Centrelink (Services Australia) application process. We will help remove the stress and make the whole process easy for you.

As licenced financial advisers, we are able to provide advice and strategies to get more Age Pension if appropriate, whilst considering other factors such as tax and other financial needs.

Typically, we get a snapshot of a client’s situation, discuss the client’s needs, discuss areas that can be improved upon, implement advice, then apply for Centrelink. 

If you simply want us to help with your Centrelink application, we’d be more than happy to provide that service.

If you have any questions about your Age Pension Centrelink Application, feel free to contact us below and we will get back to you:


Frequently asked questions

At what age am I eligible to apply for Age Pension?

Generally 66.5 or 67 years old for both male and females depending on your date of birth.

Can you do everything for me?

We wish. Unfortunately, there are things that need actioning by you. We will explain what is needed and advise on an efficient way to meet the requirement.

Do you charge for the service?

Yes we do, you can save yourself money and do it yourself if you like. However, we can help by removing the stress and making the whole process easy for you while making sure that everything is set up correctly from the start.

Do you help with other Centrelink payments / cards?

We have helped Older Australians with other benefits including Disability Support Pension, Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, Low Income Health Care Cards etc. Ask us if we can assist you

How long will it take?

It depends on your situation. Typical timeframes are 4-6 weeks for “normal” cases extending out to 6 months. Due to the different individuals circumstance, we can't guarantee a timeframe. 

How Much can I Get?

Centrelink applies an Asset Test and an Income Test for most applicants. Any amounts over a lower threshold will start to reduce your potential Age Pension payment. Whichever test produces the lowest Age Pension amount is the amount that can be paid.

The Asset Test and Income Test figures change regularly and can be found here:

Having in depth knowledge of the rules means we can advise on how to structure your financial affairs to improve the outcome for many people.

The maximum payment rates can be found here and change regularly:

What is the Process?

The actual process is dependent on your financial situation. Typically, it involves obtaining a snapshot of a client’s situation, discussing the client’s needs, discussing areas that can be improved upon, implementing advice, and then applying for Centrelink.

However, we will patiently walk with you one step at a time.

Stress free age pension help

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